We are accomplished, versatile, and innovative DevOps Engineers with many years of IT experience in Linux, software development, project management, scripting, automation, and database administration. Successful in various roles: Google Cloud Administrator, Application Development, Systems Engineering, Google Cloud/Full Stack Developer, and Cybersecurity. --Inspired by W.F.


My name is Jay, I made my resume available so you can see some of my skills and previous jobs I worked. I am currently working on getting a few certifications in the software development and cybersecurity.

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Toogl: Time Tracking

We use toggl for time tracking and billing.

Jira: Agile Method

Jira is the development tool we use in our agile teams.

Google Cloud, DevOps and Full Stack Developer Consultants for Hourly or Project Hire

We have various kinds of computer nerds that are waiting for a project and/or to solve problems in the computer science field. We are vendor uncertified but know the technology and can bring you a solution for cheaper then other consultants. Below is some of our services we offer.

Free Consultation
$0 / hr.
  • Per House Hold/Business
  • On-Site or Remote Engineers Available(On-Site in Certain States)
  • Referrals if we can not help
  • Secure file upload/download during conltation and client support
  • Projects Pricing Available
  • Start Project Planning
$50 / hr.
  • 48hr emergency response time
  • Simple Webpage Setup
  • Clean computer save data and reinstall OS
  • Limited data recovery
  • On-site limited cable setup
  • Network and computer hardware built support
  • Limited custom fixes to resolve issues
$100 / hr.
  • 4hr emergency response time
  • Cloud Apps(hosted/not hosted) and custom computer hardware build
  • Data Recover
  • Custom solution using hardware senors to get data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Google Cloud Solution
  • Backup Solution
  • Cloud Report Dashboard

Local Sample App builds

Clients please login to your sample app(s) for review

Hope this sample website works for you. Please let me know if there are any changes needed.

- Starr Window Cleaners, Click Here to Login

Here is a new interface to your app. Please let me know if you need anything else.

- Cleanandcut, Click here to Login

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